Why is permanent makeup useful?

Micropigmentation, i.e. pigment implantation on scars, has often been used to help the colour of the scar adapt to the colour of the surrounding skin, but the process of using groups of needles attached to a powerful reel machine to renew and stretch the scar tissue is certainly a new practice. This technique is called skin needling or dry needling or MCA and gives exceptional results. In other words, to cover a scar you can proceed in different ways:

  • Coverage with artistic tattoo.
  • Camouflage with micropigmentation, i.e. a special tattoo technique with an implant of colours similar to the colour of the surrounding skin.
  • The use of skin needling on hypopigmented scars will give rise to a natural coloration of the scar tissue and if the scars are also hypertrophic, there will be a natural process of flattening of the scars.

When resorting to permanent makeup?


To rebuilt eyebrows


To enhance your personal beauty

Looking gorgeous and naturally beautiful every morning, right upon waking up? Make your dream come true!