Technology, tools and product quality, guided by Angela Terlizzi’s creativity and expertise create exclusive work of art, capable to enhance your beauty and help you express your unique personality at its best.

Clinca del trucco Permanente in rome is authorised by the local health system and is the only clinic where tattoes are done, both for medical and aesthetic purposes, in complete safety, according to the regulations of Italian Ministry of Health.

In the outmost respect of the most stringent deontological and hygienic standards, high precision tools, inks and high quality pigments, unalterable and long-lasting, are all being used in compliance with the strictest European Regulations ResAP (2008).

All materials are certified and free from heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) compounds, Furthermore, they allow total traceability along the supplying chain, from production to final distribution.

Each tool is carefully sterilized, in order to grant absolute microbiological safety.

Permanent make up is not only an efficient way to naturally enhance your beauty, but it can also be used as a successful paramedic tool to give back a smile to give back a smile to those who might have lost it.

Science & Cosmetology at your service for your well being, confidence and pleasure

Ethics and Safety

Micropigmentation, as well as the best known tattooing, are techniques that, although they enter into common use, must follow the same precautionary criteria of a real medical practice.

At Angela Terlizzi’s Permanent Makeup Clinic they are used exclusively:

  • Specific sterile packages for each dermopigmentation treatment
  • Very high hygienic procedures
  • High quality pigments
  • High-tech devices and equipment

Why are they fundamental?

The protective function of the human skin has a very delicate balance. If you do not act in complete safety, with very high hygiene standards, sterile materials and certified pigments, of excellent quality, you expose the patient to the risk of local complications, related to poor hygiene precautions, and even to that of systematic infectious complications (hepatitis and HIV, tuberculosis, leprosy).

The deconstruction of the delicate balance of the epidermis is the cause of a fragility that entails a greater risk of contracting infections. For this reason it is essential to rely only on serious professionals who have an unquestionable work ethic and professional preparation.

If poorly performed, permanent makeup and skin micropigmentation, as well as aesthetic damage, can cause:

  • Skin viral infections (contagious mollusk vulgar warts)
  • Mushroom infections (tinea cutis)
  • Granular reactions
  • Sarcoid granuloma
  • Granuloma from foreign bodies
  • Allergic reactions
  • Allergic contact dermatitis
  • Allergic dermatitis, granulomatous
  • Urticaria
  • Photoallergic reaction
  • Localized skin diseases as an expression of systemic pathologies Psoriasis, Lichen ruber planus, sarcoidosis.

What is in the bottle?

The formulation of the pigment materials, and the production procedures play a very important role in the final result of the permanent makeup and skin micropigmentation. Vital factors such as colour change over time and lightfastness come into play. Any food, cosmetic or permanent makeup dye must be certified and approved according to current European regulations (e.g. PMU Resap 2008-1).

There is a wide variety of cosmetic additives on the market that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and numerous pigment derivation processes that affect the final result. Knowing them in depth is essential. Many problems could be avoided if the professional took the time to investigate and inform herself about the pigments that are about to be used.

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