Benefits & Results

Thanks to her skills and extraordinaire dexterity Angela Terlizzi successfully operates as micropigmentator, using exclusively advanced instruments and top quality products, thereby respecting the highest standards in terms of safety, ealth and hygiene.

In paramedic field micropigmentation is recommended to cover and even out scars, in case of cleft lip, to reconstruct and improve the nipple areola after mastectomy or other breast interventions, to successfully treat scalp and hair loss in case of alopecia and to efficiently cover vitiligo areas on hands, face, neck etc.

Results are great and long lasting. Thanks to the excellent shadings and threee dimensional look the final effect is completely natural.

Angela implements these methods with the benefits of dry needling, an excellent technique that, especially on scars, promotes skin renewal.

Looking gorgeous and naturally beautiful every morning, right upon waking up? Make your dream come true!